Get Ready for a Family Style Meet and Greet

Everyone knows Santa – the one and only – comes from The North Pole. What some people don’t know, is that it’s possible to meet him in person at Global Winter Wonderland Las Vegas. Santa’s official office is open to each and every one. Welcome!

Meet Penny

If you’ve been following Penny’s adventures on her Facebook or Instagram pages you know Penny is always on the move, but for the 2018 holiday season Penny is joining Santa at Global Winter Wonderland and she wants to meet you there!

See Santa

Santa may only visit your home once a year, but he welcomes everyone to visit him during Global Winter Wonderland 2018. Don’t pass up the chance to meet Old Saint Nick when he comes to  Las Vegas this holiday season!

Visit Desert Dinosaurs

How many people can actually say that they’ve come face-to-face with a T-Rex and lived to tell about it? Global Winter Wonderland 2018 has made arrangements for all the Dino lovers to be able to say just that! Come spend some time with the Dessert Dinosaurs from Global Winter Wonderland.

Meet Holiday Characters

You’ve met Santa, Penny and a couple dinosaurs, now meet the rest of the Global Winter Wonderland 2018 Holiday team!

Snowmen, Gingerbread people, Elves and more! We’ve got them all!